HIGRO® 25-420-4449

Product Code: HIGRO® 25-420

HIGRO® 25-420 contains high ratio potash as neutral to basic, chloride-free, clear liquid solution. HIGRO® 25-420 plays a vital role in the supply of K for fruit development before and during harvesting periods
HIGRO® 25-420 also plays a directly significant role in enhancing both crop quality and shelf life of fruits, vegetables, cereals and ornamental plants. It plays a vitaly important role, influencing fruit (grain, bud) size, appearance, colour, aroma, flavor and vitamin contents.
Due to high ratio SO3 in the content of HIGRO® 25-420, it is red in colour and has an odor like rotten eggs. HIGRO® 25-420 increases nutrient uptake capacity by desired amounts dependant on soil type.It provides to obtain high EC levels in soil by required and essential ratios.

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