Product Code: HIGRO® COMBISE

HIGRO® COMBISE is a product which is given both by foliar and soil applications against multiple micro nutrient deficiencies during the same period in production of fruit trees, vegetables, open field crops and ornamental crops. It is 100 % soluable in water.
As a special micro element fertilizer, it includes trace elements in its content which are treated by special contributions, HIGRO® COMBISE and is easily transfered to plants.
During marketing and shelf life periods, it has not been observed in having a clumping problem in its packing. Though the product should be stored in closed packing due to its hygroscopic feature. Packing must be sealed after each application. It should not be left open.
The copper involved in HIGRO® COMBISE is completely ( 100 % ) chelated by EDTA. And other trace elements included in HIGRO® COMBISE are chelated by (LPCA). HIGRO® COMBISE has been produced to ensure a very quick and high absorbtion rate of trace elements and high mobility in plants.

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