LİDER POTASOL ® 5,5-0-20+(2MgO)+ME-18835

Product Code: 03

✓ Potasol is a pateneted product enriched by enzymes and activators, it is a specific product which responds to the plants need of potassium (K) quickly.
✓ Because of its special formulation, in all stress condition (very hot, cold and salty) it can be absorbed by the plants root very easily.
✓ When used in drip irrigation systems, The nitrate (NO3)- is negatively(-) charged in the root zone and the potassium (K)+ are combined compound to form potassium nitrate (KN03)- which are transmitted through the roots to the beams.
✓ With foliar applications with help of the enzymes and activators it goes through the stomas to meet the need of K.
✓ It directly effects the fruits growth, colour, quality and sugar ratio, for this it increases the fruits market value.
✓ It gets rid of the distortion of fruit shapes and help for the standardizing of the fruit skin.
✓ There is no problem with over dose. Over dose is suitable for sudden growth. There is no means of burning.

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