Product Code: PCR

As its name suggests the Conical Rounder has the ability to produce consistently shaped dough pieces and is capable of producing up to 960 pieces per hour. The Conical Rounder accepts divided dough pieces and moulds them into perfectly rounded pieces as they pass up the spiral canal. Both the cone and canal are Teflon coated, and the integrated flour duster prevents the dough from sticking. Cold air is gently blown onto the dough as it moves up the canal to further enhance the moulding process. Each built to order Conical Rounder is manufactured in stainless steel, guaranteeing them to be durable, hygienic and easy to clean. The Conical rounder is also equipped with a newly designed mechanical flour duster which does not produce any sound while
working. The standard rounding channels are 4.5 m long and we produce 3 types which have the following weight operation range; 50-200 gr, 100-600 gr, 100-1200 gr.
⍟ Teflon coating on channels or cone
⍟ Ac Inverter for adjustable speed
⍟ Hot/ Cold air blower

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