Mifare electronic lock system -5541

Product Code: MF 5500

Our products are guaranteed for 5 years. ISO, UL, CE and FCC.
American design has modern and stylish look.
Thanks to its steel casting structure and special coating, it has a longer life against breakage and wear.
Independent motor technology provides high level of protection against forcing and any kind of external manipulation.
The last 1000 entries have the logging feature (including mechanical key & handset opening).
Our locks have a minimum of 15,000 times or 4 years of operation with 4 standard AA battery packs.
There is a warning system with sound and light when the door is not fully closed or exposed to any external force.
Extra blind language prevents external intervention and unauthorized opening.
There is an early warning system about 3 months before the end of the battery (the relevant personnel).
Produced with SS 304 stainless steel or special PVD coating technology.
Includes 2 mechanical keys (for emergency situations) for each lock or a master key for the entire plant.
There is the "panic function" feature, which conforms to international standards and uses fireproof locks and fire regulations.
Thanks to its other functions, it can also be used in areas such as management offices, warehouses and the like. With this card you are able to control the area you want.
Thanks to software support, parking, sauna, fitness and so on. There is a feature of authority limitation in special areas such as

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