Hygienic Water Cooling Machines-26964

Product Code: HM-750

Customized for Bakery

Our stainless steel hygienic water cooling device, with its operating system and design, is a first both in Turkey and around the world. Although it is generally designed to meet the needs of backery sector, can easily be used both in drinking water and food industry sector.

The most important feature is that its design in the form of cylinders allows cooling process to take place in a hygienic and segmented manner.
Our device has a 3 series-production model. MS-C300 and MM-D600 models utilizes 3 segmented system and ML-X900 utilizes 4 segmented system for cooling.
The cooling process is controlled by a microscopic digital thermostat for a better operation.
With a defrost program installed to the digital thermostat, the compressor automatically stops at specific intervals to surface and melt the ice formed during the process (With this ice a second cooling capacity of the device is obtained.).
When the cold water in the device is used, as the water is filled from the water main by the float, the water flows through this ice and melts them allowing a pre-cooling.
Note: The ice surfaced by the installed program is used to reduce the temperature of the mains water, i.e. it is used for pre-cooling.

As to the energy saving capacity of the device, according to the tests performed considering the pre-cooling by the surfaced ice and superior technical features, compared to serpentine water cooling devices 70% electricity saving is provided.

In case of conditions such as condenser (radiator) pollution, fan motor failure and gas leak forcing the device to malfunction, combined preostat included to the device cuts off the energy to the device providing device safety and prevents a possible compressor failure.

Considering future failures such as float failure, an water overflow out is included in case of an electrical problem created by the overflowing water. In this way, since the water will flow through this pipe a possible water overflow would be prevented.

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