HIGRO® 8 Mn-4451

Product Code: HIGRO® 8 Mn

In case of manganese (Mn) deficiency, it is observed a degeneration in the structure of choloroplast of plants, and volume of plant cells become smaller. Plants begin to degrade the chlorophyll in young leaves. This causes the main symptoms of manganese deficiency, i.e. chlorosis, or yellowing between leaf veins, which stay yellow, giving leaves a marbled appearance.  HIGRO® 8 Mn is a specific product which has a distinct formulation which increases mobility and translocation of manganese within plant, chelated with LPCA, citric acid and very special dissolving agent identified by our R&D department. With the enriched formula, the molecule sizes of HIGRO® 8 Mn have been made smaller to level for leaf (stoma) penetration and overall plant uptake by capillary roots. Due to its special dissolvent characteristic, HIGRO® 8 Mn improves the root nutrient absorption of the elements which became unavailable to plants in soil. It locks up the elements especially calcium (Ca) in the soil by a close ratio of 100 %.

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