Product Code: FPK-50

17000.0000 USD

* Totally 304 quality stainless
* Self-steam system (Electric resistance)
* Product internal temperature indicator
* With digital control panel * Easy to use, clear language with 1 time program and continuous ease of use,
* 99 programs and each program has 15 steps. Each product is individually programmed to provide ease of use.
* Ability to operate the cabin, spade, humidity and time control with different requests,
* Heating system is electric resistance and water inlet valve is provided.
* There are smoke, smoked and cooling options depending on drying, baking, frying, scalding, etc. in the ovens.
* Electricity 10 Kw
* 2,5 Kw steam generator
* Height: 2200 mm
* Length: 900 mm
* Depth: 800 mm
Average Time
Sausage Cooking: 90 minutes
Salami Cooking: 90 minutes
Sausage Cooking: 60 minutes
Lamb Dialing: 150 minutes
Chicken Rotation: 45 minutes
Meatball Cooking: 45 minutes

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