Sticky Odor (Bamboo Room Odor) - 50 ml-12354

Product Code: EKSET003.00

45.0000 USD

We recommend that you locate the center of the region or environment where unwanted smells come from.

Be careful not to stick to each other when the bars are placed in the bottle.

When the tops of the bars are dry, turn them upside down. The top side of the bars must always be wet.

You can add or remove bars to increase or decrease the odor intensity. Adding bars increases the lifetime while reducing the life span.

After you open the bottle, you can use it more economically by not throwing the plastic plug and closing it again when you do not need it.

We recommend that you replace the wet bars of the finished liquids with the dry bars of the same type. So you can use wet bars longer than the liquid in the bottle, as they will not absorb as fast as dry bars.

After all the fluids have run out, you can take advantage of their smells for a while by not putting the sticks and placing your shelves!

Marseille soap is the best of the smells that give a sense of smell, cleanliness and freshness.