Di-a-zyme CalfMate-9030

Product Code: DCM

Mode of action
Calf-Mate contains a unique form of calcium silicate, a patented feed grade binding paste. This supports the gut with a two pronged attack :
1. The calcium works as a buffer to neutralize the lining of the gut
2. The calcium silicate binds the unwanted bodies within its layers, trapping the pathogens

The Result
A healthy gut will then see an increase in nutrient uptake, reducing the speed of liquid through the digestive system
Due to its patented binding technology, Calf-Mate successfully isolates the spread of digestive upset throughout the herd

Calf-Mate™ is an oral syringe that introduces a unique form of Calcium Silicate (CS) to the gut of the calf in paste form
It should be administered as soon as a scour is noticed​
The treatment of this silicate creates a stacked layered of a particular micron size
Within 1x 30ml syringe this stacked property of the CS gives a surface area of equivalent of 7 football fields
Unlike many other clay products it doesn’t produce any other daughter toxins just releases Ca

Available size: 30 ml syringe

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