Product Code: CSR - M

CESURSAN SEPARATOR FILTERS, produced for usage in irrigation and industrial areas to separate rough and heavy materials in the incoming water from drilling and other watersheds.
As the working principle system works with pressurized water.
Separation process works by scatter method for clay,silk,sand and other heavy materials in the water.


• The pressure differential between inlet and outlet to the water separator must be at least 2 bar.
• Outlet water caliber 150 microns.
• Frost risk of explosion is prevented by the drain system.
• Thanks tocontinuous evacuation no blockage.
• Provides clean and quality water.
• Maintenance-free.
• Connection valves for fertilization.
• Saves time with easy installation.
• Portable features provide easy installation with time saves.
• Lond durability against corrosion thanks the proper surface treatment.
• Result from these specifications CESURSAN filters saving time, energy and water.

• Portable package designed as a system.

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