Ideally located in Anamur Mersin where is the center of banana and strawberry cultivations in Turkey. Since its inception in 1996, Kılıç Tarım has made a great progress in the food sector with its successful and wisely investments. Kılıç Tarım specializes in producing frozen fruit with its finest quality and providing the best customer services. Besides producing frozen fruit, Kılıç Tarım is one of the best supplier for fresh fruit customers.
As an Organic Fruit Producer, Kılıç Tarım cultivates organic strawberries and bananas in its own fields, as well as supplying them from over 150 contracted farmers whose fields are certificated by authorized certification bodies. Likewise, Kılıç Tarım has the advantage of supplying the organic fruits grown in Turkey, except strawberries and babanas, from numerous suppliers to meet its customers’diverse demands.
Our vision is to aim at playing an active role in both domestic and global market to expand our scope of business and develop our market network.
Our main objective is to providethe best quality products and services for our existing and potential customers.
Together with the supports of customers, Kılıç Tarım will keep up continuous growth of its business in every passing day.
ANR is the trademark of Kılıç Tarım. ANR™ is created to represent for Kılıç Tarım in frozen fruit and vegetables market at home and abroad. All frozen products , belonging to Kılıç Tarım are exhibited under ANR™ brand in the markets .