ÇEŞME DAİRY PRODUCT COMPANY is going on it’s production activities within 346.000 m2 area with the implementation of the latest technology with over 20,000 m2 indoor production area. As ÇEŞME DAIRY PRODUCTS we produce butter, cream cheese, jam, honey, tahini halva, sesame oil, molasses, hazelnut cream ,for prisons, public institutions, Turkish Military Forces, canteens of schools, factories, hotels and hospitals which consumes picnic-type products. Our company expanded its product range with frozen fruits and vegetables, Tetrapak milk and fruit juice, meat products. Also now, our company is starting olive production and will provide consumers quality products in that oil sector too.
Factory Quality Management System, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and Halal Certificate is designed to meet the standards. FSMS 'z goods acceptance - which covers our activities from the acceptance of our raw products to delivery until shipment. processes off all our products are controlled by specialized staff.
Our company has set its main objectives to increase the quality and efficiency and has never compromising on quality. Starting from 10 g to 20 kg we increased the diversity of our product range gram, weight and now being able to produce all kinds of products. We have settled the best sales organization by Turkey's team of experts in the field in this work by expanding the marketing network. The goal of our company is producing traditionally natural products and sharing them with our consumers.
The main objectives are to increase the quality and efficiency of the company who continues to work with a team consisting of experts in this field. In line with our company developing and changing world standards, the Turkish Food Codex and TS EN ISO 9001 quality management system and TS EN ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems, HALAL CERTIFICATE appropriate food production is done.
Assuming that the formation of high-quality production pass through qualified personnel strength, our company employ experienced and trained personnel to develop our continuous improvement activities.
We as ÇEŞME DAİRY PRODUCTS, are very happy and proud to produce and meet our consumers that products wihich are blended with the natural charm of ÇEŞME's hot sun, beautiful sea and wonderful nature.