Ekmak has been serving the baking industry both in and out of Turkey since its foundation in 1989. Ekmak is manufacturer of various types of baking ovens, dough processing equipments and many other baking equipments. Ekmak products vary from single piece of baking equipments to complete baking and production lines for baking industry. Ekmak is what you get when you couple over 35-years of experience in manufacturing systems and commercial bakery equipment with innovative and creative baking solutions and world-class manufacturing.

Ekmak Systems delivers the capacity, consistency, performance and convenience you demand, from preparing and baking artisan breads to and just about everything in-between. We strive continuously to improve your product and reduce your costs. At Ekmak we are passionate about the Bakery industry; we pride ourselves on that passion and believe we pass on this enthusiasm to our customers when working with them on equipment solutions for their businesses. For nearly 20 years we have been at the forefront of equipment supply in the Turkey, we are one of the largest supplier in middle east. We offer a full service from consultancy, through equipment supply, financing, installation and after sales servicing, we are proud to be able to offer our customers a complete solution.