Foundations have been laid in 1974 Doğançam products, between the years 1974 to 1994 and continued to work with one glass sales and installation services to the construction industry. 1994-1997 year began selling its products to the furniture industry and building markets between.

Doğancam PRODUCTS evolving and following the changing market conditions; Double-glass production in 1997 in an area of ​​200 m2 and began seven employees. To meet the increasing demands with the product and service quality; 650 m2 with 13 employees moved quickly took its place in the industry.

Doğançam PRODUCTS production and services to meet the increasing demand for quality products, although the principle of quality in 2003 moved to a new area of ​​1650 m2 and Trakya Cam San to do manufacturing under the brand ISICAM. Tic. Inc. He has begun the accession negotiations. September 2005 in the standard-making authority is entitled to comprehensive ISICAM production.

By introducing the glass processing line with the investments made in 2007, it is rapidly on the path of growth. Hunters at the end of 2010/6000 m2 space that has been moved to its new factory in Firuzköy.

Our mission is to make timely and quality production Doğançam MAMÜLLERİ found in the 2014-2015 year investment in machinery and personnel to product quality, increased capacity and diversity. Keep in mind that the country values ​​Doğançam products, today has taken place in the sector with 75 employees and continues to work quickly to develop its product range and research.

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