Ateşe Makine is a producer of traditional tea brewing - steeping machines , cup warmers and water boilers since 2007. In this work period introduced its third generation tea brewers. Research done development implemented and came to a conclusion that this is the machine that fits the requirements in terms of quality, in terms of looks, in terms of space, in terms of energy saving and in terms of environment protection.
Ateşe Makine ; within the new control systems, Smart plus , helps the brewer to maintain desired blooming of the tea. Tea types can only meet a hot water with certain degree, to get the flavour and aromas from the tea bag or tea leaves. The importance cannot be oversated.
Additionaly the smart water control system, controls all prameters related water in boiler when receiving cold water from netwerk or carboy and when servicing hot water from faucet
Our best seller products are mostly the smart units. Prefered by all professionals such as; coffee shops, cafeterias, tea houses, hotels, restaurants , bakery shops, patisserie shops etc . Tea is a life style.
Tea can be offered to everyone at any time and can be consumed in anywhere, any place, at any accosision.