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ANATOLI Luxury Home Accessories

Greetings from ANATOLI …

For over centuries mankind has interpreted information into aesthetic form thus leaving future generations with a cultural legacy. The fertile lands of Anatolia bore traces of the many different civilizations it has been home to for over thousands of years.
These civilizations bestowed the legacy of their culture, traditions and art onto the entire material culture of the world. Exchanging gifts and offerings have become a distinct tradition entwined with daily rituals.
Beyhan Bagis, an entrepreneur with a successful career in retail and brand management, channeled her experience into creating the ANATOLI brand with the aim of ensuring that future generations enjoy the wealth of these cultures.
ANATOLI, is perfect for those seeking a cultural decor item or a gift. Led by creative director Mrs. Beyhan Bagis, the ANATOLI design team including design and art history academician and designers, has created exquisitely crafted items which are based on the knowledge of making, traditions, aesthetics, tastes and aromas of yesteryear, that have been adapted to the modern day. Each ANATOLI design object showcases stellar quality and craftsmanship…
Through the exquisite collections, the team behind ANATOLI hopes to weave the beauty and traditions of the past into the minds of future generations through innovative and sustainable pieces.
The meeting of designers and skilled craftsmen has resulted in handmade luxury objects which are available for purchase covering a broad price range.
These spectacular pieces of craftsmanship are candidates to becoming as permanent as fondest memories of priceless travels...and to becoming memorables of the future.
ANATOLI has been launched as an exclusive brand in 2011 with stores in 3 prestigious shopping malls in Turkey, IstinyePark and Zorlu Center in Istanbul and Armada in Ankara. In addition to this, the brand is being sold in museum shops such as the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto. Furthermore, their cooperation with exclusive international hotel chains make ANATOLI a unique and niche home accessories brand which combine the nostalgia of the past with innovative design.