To whom it may concern;
We would like to introduce our company and products briefly.ALPLAM Company ,established in 1984 ,has been active in furniture and decoration sector from beginning up until now.In order to meet the needs of the local market ,in 1998 , we have changed our company priorities from decoration to manufacture laminate(HPL-CPL) coated products, which brought us the idea of planting the very first factory in Turkey to mass produce only laminate products.
Yet today our main surface coating materials are still decorative laminates,HPL(High Pressure Laminate) and CPL(Continuous Pressure Laminate).The essential advantages of HPL-CPL could be named as great resistancy against high temperatures,abrasion,breaking,water-absorbing, moisture, shock and chemical materials.It is also greatly desired by facilities that overrates hygiene such as hospitals, schools,chapels,restaurants or any other institutions seeking certificated products.Due to significant resistance of our products there is not any room for retouch after shipment and assembling the doors.
Our company can mass produce laminate coated doors, covers, profiles, sheets, stairs, baseboards, kitchen-bathroom cabinets and countertops with several surfaces such as natural(opaque),glossy, digital,metallic and veneer(wood texture).Each surface of lamination has a wide range of solid and also wood-like colours.ALPLAM services are mostly demanded by construction industry companies have business on hotel,hospital,school,mall and residential projects.Our goods distinctly vary from any other likewise products by postforming the laminate(0.4,0.6,0.7 mm) over the corners of the MDF completely and not using any materials such as PVC tape,dye etc other than laminate. Due to that type of production ,identified with ALPLAM, results in higher quality,wider range of use and improved resistancy to external effects.
The classification of our doors depends on the doorwing production type which could be described as monolithic and laminate-profiled(fragmented).Monolithic type of door has one complete jointless plate of wing that could be fabricated in standart or project based mesasures.Laminate-profiled door wing is composed of several profiles that are already coated with laminate.It gives the flexibility to any client to assembly the door wing in any desired size and design with just a few touches as it is showed in our website with an animation.It is critical for us to mention that the cornices and the frames of both door types could be also sent in packages as laminate-profiles depending on our client’s requests,just to remind,our company can surely dispatch the doors completed or any segment seperately.Among other things to receive the doors in packages provides our clients remarkable efficiency of assembly and economization in shipment.ALPLAM production line also obtains specialized doors , coated with decorative laminate , having radiation(containing lead),sound and fire proof features.
We sincerely appreciate the time you took to read this letter.Please feel free to contact us about your inquries through the given contact details below. I strongly recommend to watch the video in our website to analyze how the doors are produced and assembled.
Thank you.