Aragonit E-X Plus Plaster Mortar-862

Product Code: A4010

Description: It is an acrylic copolymer, containing modified chemical plaster mortar material.
Fields of Usage: Interior and exterior facades of buildings, plastering of insulation and decorative plates such as EPS, XPS, stone wool, jamb, stropiyer and it can be applied on surfaces as plaster such as brick, aerated concrete, pumice concrete, briquette wall. It has high endurance stability. It is easy to use and not slippery. It is durable and long lasting. It has elastic properties. It provides saving of time. Its humid endurance is high. Tahnks to its flexibility, cracking and separation don’t happen. It increases adhesion endurance of products such as application mortar and bonding. It has a high endurance against exterior factors. It protects buildings from humid.
Application: Liquid part is put into a clean container and above it powder part is put into slowly until a homogenous mixture has been obtained. Low speed mixer is used for admixture. Mixing with a high speed mixer prevents obtaining homogenous admixture. This mixture is left to settle 5 minutes and after mixing it again, it is ready to be used. Before starting plaster application surfaces should be moistened depending on temperature and humid condition of weather. On the structures such as aerated concrete which has high water absorbency presprinkling application should be done at least 72 hours before the application. Before the application on exposed concrete surface and wall which have surface smoothness and brightness, presprinkling should be done with the surface lining. Application can be done after the surface dries. Prepared admixture is spread as different thickness depending on the surface with the aid of plaster trowel. On jacketing application and thick application, firs, layer is spread on the application surface and clasped with net and then waited for drying of first layer. Depending on the weather conditions waited 6-8 hours and then second layer is applied on the surface before starting to harden of plaster, surface is smoothed with trifolium. After the 24 hours of application, paint or intended application can be done. After the application, application equipments should be washed with plenty of water. Adhesion shouldn’t be done on the material whose pot life is overdue and it should be cleaned from the surface. Material in the container which is hardened and completed setting shouldn’t be used.
Cautions and Precautions
• Application surfaces should be cleaned from dust, dirt, remnants, oil etc.
• Material should be mixed with the maximum 120 speed mixer.
• Prepared mortar should be consumed within 1 hour.
• Admixture material such as (lime, sand, cement etc.) shouldn’t be added into material.
• After the application, it should be waited 24 hours to do a new application on the surface.
• Surface should be preserved and shouldn’t be walked on.
• Surface should be preserved from external factors (wind, humid, sun) during the application.
• On the proper stock conditions, it keeps shelf life time by not opening the package.
• Expiration date is 8 months as of production date.
• Empty package containers shouldn’t be used as a drinking water cup.

Consumption: 3-3,5 kg. for 1 m2 (This ratio changes depending on application.
Color: White
Shelf Life: It is 8 months in its original unopened package on a ventilated place where it is kept away from sunlight.
Store: It can be stocked up maximum 3 lines one after the other with its unopened package on dry and humid free place
Package: 1,5 kg. – 10 kg. – 20 kg. plastic bucket

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