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Delicious lemons presented by the mild climate and fertile soils of the Mediterranean
are carefully picked from their branches and delivered to our production facility while
they are still fresh. Every lemon is processed through a careful selection.
Lemons processed at international standards are distilled by maintaining their pulps.
Only fresh lemon and beet sugar are used without adding any preservative, additive
or colorant. Gorgeous fruit of the nature turns into a “home-made” lemonade at high
Limmo Lemonade, bestowed the Crystal Award by winning 3-Star Superior Taste
Award 3 years in a row, suitable for consumption in all seasons, is squeezed and
concentrated in our patented juice extraction line and packaged in its special 300 ml
package and presented for consumption through cold-chain system. Lemonade for
6-8 is prepared from each package.
Especially, our Limmo Lemonade, as our target product takes place on the top as it
increases employment and supports the farmers of our country. Limmo Lemonade
only prepared from Lemons and beet sugar is presented frozen in 300 ml packages
with its natural pulps, high vitamin C and calcium content. When, a package Limmo is
mixed with 1 l water, a pitcher of ice-cold lemonade is instantly prepared

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