Senaform Exclusive Tarlataşı Series Stone Design 685-202-22523

Product Code: 685-202

STIKWALL is a decoration material that can be installed quickly without the need of professional equipments with 85 model choice.

STIKWALL consists of styrofoam and acrylic resin coating.

The styrofoam and the coating excluded all layers are produced in SENA YAPI fabric.

Wood, Concrete, Stone and Brick view products
It does not spread bad smells
Provides image continuity at junctions
Easy to apply to every smooth facade
Unlimited color choice
Does not contain toxic gases
Does not produce bacteria
Can be easily cut
Hot affected by water and moisterre
Provides thermal insulation
Does not lose insulation
Can be used on interior wall
Can be wiped
Shock absorbing feature
Dimension :50 cm width x 120 cm length x 2 cm Depth

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