Product Code: 63053390

Visual works prepared by our graphic department in the direction of customer requests are printed on BOPP Film layers.Thanks to these prepared BOPP film layers, the advanced technology is coated on the synthetic fabric surfaces woven in the desired weight and is ready for use in the hot lamination line. OThanks to the multi-color printing option of PP film layers, it has taken an indispensable place in many sectors. OPP coating process can be done in the direction of incoming requests either single face or double face.

Our BOPP laminates are water, moisture and dust proof with special raw material composition, lamination technology and weaving feature.Production takes place at the desired height (30 cm - 150 cm) and at the selected weaving density.The base is made with one fold and chain sewing options, and the mouth cutting is made with flat cold cutting. Our product has food compatibility certificate.

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