WELLDONE 18-18-18//WELLDONE 15-30-15+ME//WELLDONE 20-10-20+ME//WELLDONE 16-8-24+ME-19840

Product Code: 09

✓ Drip irrigation fertilizer with high quality Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micro elements.
✓ The Welldone fertilizer group was established with years of experience and R&D works.
✓ The Welldone series does not contain Chlorine (Cl), Sodium (Na) and biuret. Therefore, it does not create any salinity problems may occur due to chlorine. When used on a regular basis it will decrease the soils salt density. Because it does not contain urea, the plants will not give ground to disorders that may occur due to the way of development and reproduction that occurs because of the urea especially during the winter months. It will decrease the EC if used in overly salted soils.
✓ The Welldone fertilizer series’ patent for INV 90 chelating technique is special to our company. Because drip irrigation fertilizers need to be different and when used it should make a difference. The content of the INV 90 which is created with a combination of amino acids and enzymes is 65% amino acid, 5% vitamin and 20% enzyme. This is why when used on the field a difference arises.
✓ There is no problem with foliar application especially with cereal farming it can be used as an upper fertilizer.
✓ You can see which formulation to be used according to the growth and development periods.

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